Model Diaries: Natalie Taylor

We caught up with busy model Natalie Taylor to find out her beauty secrets and day-to-day life as a model!


What is a typical day for you in the life as a model?

A typical day in the life of me would be waking up for work (for the days with no work I take full advantage of a lie in) and then whichever job it be, I enjoy all of them.

Whenever i’m home i’m usually in need of a nap, as i sleep a Lot! This is followed by my very own pamper session where I spend most my time moisturising! (I try keep on top of this). Then to finish off a busy day I watch my favourite  films in bed and usually sleep about 11.00pm.

Whats your biggest beauty secret?

The biggest secret behind a shoot for me would definitely be my Pevonia face mask. It covers dark circles and closes pores and I love nothing more than turning up to a shoot bare faced and already glowing. This along with having a freshly washed hair! 😍

What has been your best shoot to date?

My best shoot to date would definitely be the Adidas video shoot. The excitement of getting up at 2.00am to film a whole sunrise shoot was amazing!

I love sport shoots, I was put under a rain machine and it was FREEZING but I loved not having to worry about my hair or make up. The crew were also so lovely supplying me with endless blankets and cups of tea! I even got asked by a tourist for a picture!


What would be your biggest goal/dream job?

My biggest dream would be would be walking for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. I’ve always admired so many of the models and have done since I was little! My favourite model is Taylor Hill.

What is the best part about being a model?

The best part about being a model is that I get to meet new people every day. The teams are always so lovely! We always pass on each others social media and stay in touch.

I also get so excited to see final images after a shoot, every single shoot is so different and it’s amazing what can be produced! I also love being able to get my hair and makeup done professionally, oh gosh i just love it all!

Finally, what is your favourite thing to do after a long day? 

My Favourite thing to do when I get home from a shoot would be to put my pyjamas and slippers on. Sit on the sofa with my mum and tell her all about my day! (I still get excited every shoot I do) and then catch up on TV whilst playing with my cat.

See Natalie’s profile here now

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